Definition of mini-mall in English:


Pronunciation /ˈminēmôl/ /ˈmɪnimɔl/


North American
  • A shopping mall containing a relatively small number of retail outlets and with access to each shop from the outside rather than from an interior hallway.

    ‘How many more mini-malls and big-box outlets do we need?’
    • ‘There are golf courses, paintballing centres, go-karting tracks, amusement parks, ploughman's lunches, morris dancers, craft shops - even rural mini-malls for those who measure their enjoyment by credit card.’
    • ‘Kiko and Jason, meanwhile, wandered off into another section of Music Mart, a mini-mall consisting only of musical instruments and equipment, of which Mike's Drum World was but one store.’
    • ‘The two went in the mini-mall, but every store was closed.’
    • ‘Abutting a mini-mall of liquor and check-cashing outlets, the club is the only reason visitors come to Hawaiian Gardens, a tiny enclave of ramshackle bungalows and burrito stands on the edge of Long Beach.’
    • ‘It sits on top of a mini-mall, containing various boutiques, some sandwich bars, a bookshop, post office (which always has queues out the door), at least three big name coffee outlets and a Tesco metro.’
    • ‘A variety of elements played a role in the image the mini-mall had and the steps involved in his attempts to change it.’
    • ‘He followed her outside, and down two blocks to a mini-mall.’
    • ‘For the next 10 minutes we drove through an area where the mini-malls resembled Mogadishu and the business blocks looked like Beirut.’
    • ‘Our experience of nature has become so mediated by mini-malls, rest stops and water features that most of us can't really see the forest or the trees.’
    • ‘I am the boss of public parks and mini-malls around the world.’
    • ‘Wilderness always trumps humankind in Alaska, despite the mini-malls and shiny skyscrapers.’
    • ‘And when you're sitting atop your horse, you can look around and see land that stretches for miles, without a mini-mall or condominium complex to obscure the view.’
    • ‘Not even a long walk could calm my nerves; I remember little of it until I reached a mini-mall where I decided to see if I could find another blank book for use as a journal.’
    • ‘They've opened a mini-mall and a $30 million amphitheater, and even branded fresh-caught salmon for sale at Safeway.’
    • ‘It's great to see a new Key Foods across from the Fifth Avenue Committee office and a new McDonald's in the mini-mall built and leased by Urban Edge in Boston.’
    • ‘The North of Montana Neighborhood Association rallied behind the mortuary after a developer applied for a demolition permit to pave the way for a mini-mall.’
    • ‘Next time you stride through the mini-mall at an airport, pick up a middle-management self-help book.’
    • ‘The large department store / mini-mall evidences the Armani commitment to maintain style throughout the project, which clearly carries the Armani touch.’
    • ‘Although early in the trip, the highlight so far for the group is the enthusiastic welcome they got when they stopped at one of the mini-malls in Strathmore and were flooded with donations and interest by the young people in the horses.’
    store, retail store, outlet, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry