Definition of mini-me in English:


Pronunciation /ˈminēˌmē/ /ˈmɪniˌmi/


  • A person closely resembling a smaller or younger version of another.

    • ‘so far, Eminem's mini-me has failed to get himself a moneymaking deal’
    • ‘The world has changed, America went further to the right and Britain is turning into the mini-me version of the country we all love to hate.’
    • ‘Why try to make them into mini versions of yourself, with their mini-me haircuts and their mini-me clothes?’
    • ‘Specks on the horizons they may be, but considerations of church weddings, christenings and the recognition of festivities around Christmas and Easter for some mini-mes might not be that far off.’
    • ‘If anyone needs proof that we enjoyed a more innocent childhood than today's crop of mini-mes, all we have to do is look at the current craze in dressed-up moulded plastic: Bratz dolls.’
    • ‘The U.S. does not need another fledgling democracy - it needs a place to dump its unemployed captains of business and to establish a mini-me of American capitalism.’
    • ‘We have the U.N. in New York for that and don't need a mini-me in lower Manhattan echoing their diatribes.’
    • ‘I wouldn't want a bullied child, but I wouldn't want a mini-me either.’
    • ‘We're wondering what it would be like to be born as a mini-me?’
    • ‘My current favourite though is the Assembly Buildings on Great Victoria Street - its architecture is not unlike that of a mini-me version of the parliament buildings in Budapest - a very small mini-me version mind you.’
    • ‘So just as well the Rugby World Cup's opening ceremony - a sort of mini-me version of Sydney's epic Olympics effort - was mercifully short.’
    • ‘For the famous, the joys of pregnancy are more about buying mini-me Juicy Couture than actually giving birth.’
    • ‘They are small people, both of them; not mini-me or mini-G, not coercable dolls, but individuals with their own consciousness, their own feelings, their own needs and desires and preferences.’
    • ‘In addition to my overuse of hyphenated phrases, this reminds me of the Empire State Building's own mini-me, aka the RJ Reynolds headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC.’
    • ‘Happy Go Unlucky, even in a musical world chock full of Lennon/McCartney pretenders, is a full-on ‘Penny Lane’ styled mini-me.’
    • ‘Tivoli Network manager will form part of the bundle as will IBM's mini-me DB2, DB2 Everyplace.’
    • ‘The interventions of mini-me style Kilmarnock winger Steve Murray - making his first start of the season - warmed a troubled home crowd and he brought a variety and purpose to the home side's attack.’
    • ‘You beat me at Twister and I'll say hello to mini-me.’
    • ‘As we walked to his family room, a little boy that was Jesse's mini-me walked up to me.’
    • ‘An army of mini-me celebrities gaze out from the covers of publications such as Teen People, Teen Vogue, Cosmo Girl and Elle Girl, plugging junior-branded merchandise, movies and TV shows.’
    • ‘You'll be overwhelmed the first time you lay eyes on the mini-me of the king of MP3 players.’


The name of a small cloned character in the film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999).