Definition of mini-pill in English:



  • A contraceptive pill containing progestin and not estrogen.

    ‘The progestogen-only pill is sometimes called the mini-pill.’
    • ‘Current medical understanding of what is meant by ‘miscarriage’ excludes results brought about by the pill, the mini-pill or the morning-after pill.’
    • ‘The progestin-only pill is better than regular birth control pills if you are breast-feeding because the mini-pill will not change your milk production.’
    • ‘So for the first month, you need to use another kind of contraception, such as condoms, along with the mini-pill.’
    • ‘This could easily become as important as the mini-pill, with around 10% of couples using it as a method of contraception.’
    • ‘It would also open the door to other claims against the mini-pill and intra-uterine devices such as the coil, which would make a similar mockery of the law outlined in the Abortion Act and of basic common sense.’



/ˈminē pil/ /ˈmɪni pɪl/