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miniature golf


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  • An informal version of golf played on a series of short constructed obstacle courses.

    ‘How could we have a quiet dinner, enjoy the pool, play miniature golf, and all that?’
    • ‘Afterwards, we headed into town for some miniature golf.’
    • ‘Visually, it's one of the better miniature golf games to date.’
    • ‘While in Cooperstown, my 8 year old son Dylan wanted to play miniature golf.’
    • ‘Aaron and I spent hours together eating Chinese food, playing miniature golf and pinball, ice-skating, boating in Central Park.’
    • ‘In addition to swimming and sunbathing here, guests may enjoy miniature golf, table tennis, volleyball, and paddleboats.’
    • ‘It's like someone bringing his own putter to miniature golf and reading the greens.’
    • ‘James will be happy to know there is a miniature golf course to go along with a driving range.’
    • ‘After that first day, they have a picnic out in the countryside with volleyball and basketball and miniature golf and barbecue, and they bunk the kids together in hotel rooms.’
    • ‘Yes, it would have been nice if he had played miniature golf in Piqua, Ohio, instead of windsurfing on Martha's Vineyard.’
    • ‘The golf complex includes a regulation nine-hole public golf course, driving range and miniature golf course.’
    • ‘I was playing miniature golf and hit the ball into the pond.’
    • ‘Apart from when presidents play, miniature golf courses are not generally regarded as critical infrastructure.’
    • ‘If you were playing miniature golf, a hole 60 feet long would carry a par of 3.’
    • ‘You can even burn a few calories while bowling or playing miniature golf.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, health care costs for the indigent are skyrocketing; we can't afford not to impose a 75 cent per game miniature golf and bowling fee.’
    • ‘Get together a group of adults for a game of miniature golf, or bowling.’
    • ‘One night, just for fun, he even invited her and Dave to a game of miniature golf.’
    • ‘The children played musical chairs in the living room, miniature golf in the back yard, and rode wagons made with skates, two-by-fours, and apple boxes.’
    • ‘Besides, I can't think of any university that boasts a championship 18-hole miniature golf course.’