Definition of miniaturization in English:



(also British miniaturisation)

See miniaturize

‘They plan to continue their research and collaboration with Winegard in areas such as full-integration of the antenna system into the car's body and further miniaturization of the antenna.’
  • ‘Spatial closeness, or miniaturization, not only encourages convivial social life but also enable the rigorous utilization of all resources.’
  • ‘Now, as I understand it, any space-based defense will have to rely heavily on computing power and power-source miniaturization.’
  • ‘At the tiniest end of the spectrum, miniaturization is showing the promise of a nano-world, where everything we take for granted about the physical universe is up for grabs.’
  • ‘In other words, is it a new paradigm, or just a new opportunity brought on by miniaturization and communication?’



/ˌmin(ē)əˌCHo͝orəˈzāSHən/ /ˌmɪn(i)əˌtʃʊrəˈzeɪʃən/ /ˌmin(ē)əCHərəˈzāSHən/ /ˌmɪn(i)ətʃərəˈzeɪʃən/ /ˌmin(ē)əCHəˌrīˈzāSHən/ /ˌmɪn(i)ətʃəˌraɪˈzeɪʃən/