Definition of minicab in English:


Pronunciation /ˈminēˌkab/ /ˈmɪniˌkæb/

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  • A car that is used as a taxi but that must be ordered in advance because it is not licensed to pick up passengers who hail it in the street.

    ‘The idea is designed to ensure clubbers can get home safely by using a licensed minicab rather than being picked up by drivers touting for business.’
    • ‘Because my staff are mostly young girls, I make sure they all get safely home after a late shift, they get driven home and don't have to wait for taxi's, minicabs or buses.’
    • ‘Now 170 members of the private hire trade, both drivers and office telephonists, have petitioned Hull Council to fund the installation of cameras in minicabs and taxis.’
    • ‘Funded by the mayor and Transport for London, it is the UK's only dedicated unit specialising in tackling crime on buses as well as enforcing the law in relation to taxis and minicabs.’
    • ‘Reports of a growing number of illegal minicabs on Sutton's streets prompted the borough's first ever swoop last weekend.’
    • ‘The Transport for London board also considered this week increasing the cost of licences to run taxis and minicabs in London.’
    • ‘She was picked up by a minicab for modelling jobs, chaperoned by her agent and taken straight back to her parents' home afterwards.’
    • ‘Town hall chiefs have also banned roof-top signs because they say they lead people to confuse minicabs, which must be booked in advance, with black cabs, which can be hailed in the street.’
    • ‘Some time ago, a small firm of car hire or minicabs in London found its more profitable bookings such as those to the airport were no longer coming its way.’
    • ‘New minicab licensing regulations, designed to protect the public from rogue drivers, mean that drivers now have to go through stringent checks before they can start operating.’
    • ‘The crash, between a minicab and a car, happened at Boothtown Road, Boothtown, Halifax, at 3.55 am yesterday.’
    • ‘Trouble is I'd have to arrange a minicab to Maida Vale to pick it up.’
    • ‘He said a crackdown on illegal minicabs is underway and this should help attract more black cabs.’
    • ‘He was later seen trying to hide the imitation weapon under the seat of a minicab, which was stopped by armed police officers looking for him.’
    • ‘Like it or not, any time we buy a pint in a pub, fill a car with petrol or take a minicab, there's a chance we have entered the world of the gangsters.’
    • ‘There's no point getting a minicab, because we'd need an Estate car and there are few of those at the local firms.’
    • ‘Although these issues may not affect many of us directly, we should bear in mind it is often our sons and daughters who will probably use the minicabs and may not realise the implications of being driven home in an uninsured vehicle.’
    • ‘At home and abroad the west can only afford the standard of living to which it has become accustomed - be it food, clothes, minicabs or domestic services - as a result of cheap foreign labour.’
    • ‘Since he was hired at the beginning of January, he claims to have gathered tape recordings and photographic evidence, which prove 15 illegal minicabs are operating in Swindon.’
    • ‘Like most people who have worked in finance, I've had a few terrible experiences when former colleagues or clients turned up to drive me home from the office party in their minicabs.’
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