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  • A handheld video camera.

    ‘Some of the footing was shot with a digital minicam placed on top of Natchwey's camera and allowing the audience to see exactly what the photographer saw as well as the exact moment when his index pressed the shutter-release.’
    • ‘Fire up the post-draft minicamp minicams, but know the NFL's still rasslin' with The Character Issue.’
    • ‘The JetRanger earns its keep on weekends when it serves East Coast Nascar racing, its belly-mounted microwave relay bouncing the TV signals from the minicams installed aboard the cars to the racing teams and broadcasters.’
    • ‘Lit by the blue of the Mars lights and the glaring white of minicams, the scene looked artificial, but the rocks and bottles flying past me were all too real.’
    • ‘The crowd around him was 15 deep, and the little bleachers in front of him were stacked with minicams, reporters and even three of Lewis' teammates.’
    • ‘At the heart of this film is the packaging and dispatching of minicams to development-aid workers, followed by examples of their use.’
    • ‘And it features clown cars full of Gucci clad consultants throwing bright shiny confounding pies in the face of the opposition, the voters, and anybody flashing his minicam in the general vicinity.’
    • ‘The league said that Fox, which is one of four networks that broadcasts the NFL, tested a minicam for a quarterback's helmet for NFL Europe's World Bowl.’



/ˈminēˌkam/ /ˈmɪniˌkæm/