Definition of minidress in English:



  • A very short dress.

    ‘Everyone stared at her as the young woman strutted into the room, fingering a spaghetti strap of her red minidress with plunging neckline.’
    • ‘The latest print execution features two young women who are dressed in minidresses with the familiar Tower of London guard motif and carrying pikes, over the headline, ‘Make it a double.’’
    • ‘Christian Lacroix tried to give airy coats and lace minidresses a sun-bleached lightness, but the results often looked budget-restricted.’
    • ‘Azria delivered charm-a-plenty, particularly via the tiny ruffles that he stacked on the pretty bikini tops and bottoms, scattered on a minidress and used to line the edges of a camisole neckline or hem a pair of Clamdiggers.’
    • ‘Or people just wear minidresses over their jeans.’
    • ‘Expect heads to turn for Roberto Cavalli's corseted chiffon and jeweled minidress.’
    • ‘I'd been known for dressing rather eccentric, and today I wore a red minidress with white polka dots and long black boots that extended up past my knees.’
    • ‘All the rest of it - the precision choreography, the processed vocals, the glittery minidresses - is just so much make-believe.’
    • ‘From 1964 to 1975, Biba sold everything from minidresses with matching eye shadow to baked beans in black-and-gold Biba-branded cans.’
    • ‘The Hawkings and their friends in Cambridge showed little interest in fashion and pop music, although Jane was keen on minidresses and the latest hairstyles.’
    • ‘I watched one (in fab rain boots and a minidress; why didn't I think of that?) snuggle close, cup her palms around the tiki torch, then coo as Garrett got it to light.’
    • ‘Granted, having to sport a curly perm and wear a minidress throughout the film would challenge any actor's dignity, and Clay does convey a pleasing sincerity.’
    • ‘Hannah was wearing what looked like an 80s prom dress with a chiffon train, cut off to turn it into a minidress, with blue fishnets and white 80s high heeled sandals.’
    • ‘She had on a sunburst-print minidress by Ms. [Benhaz] Sarafpour.’
    • ‘She was wearing a bright-red minidress, and - of course - stiletto heels.’
    • ‘The marriage ended in 1992, after Welch had provoked a media flurry by attending a blessing of the marriage in Yorkshire wearing a revealing minidress.’
    • ‘She wore a minidress to match, and a long black jacket over that.’
    • ‘It was a black minidress with thin straps that only came to an inch or so below mid-thigh.’
    • ‘Topshop has a cap-sleeved silk minidress at £75 and a little 1940s-style puff-sleeved polka-dot frock at £30.’
    • ‘She was standing there in a tight pink metallic minidress, smiling and perky as usual.’



/ˈminēˌdres/ /ˈmɪniˌdrɛs/