Definition of minimally in English:


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  • To an extremely small extent; negligibly.

    ‘shipments were only minimally affected by the strike’
    • ‘minimally invasive surgery’
    • ‘Countless premodern sites in India have never been more than minimally studied.’
    • ‘Most of the time, I'm minimally entertained.’
    • ‘I can't draw at all, not even minimally.’
    • ‘The installation, six panels hung in a row, was perfect, intensifying the riveting presence of the minimally varied shapes.’
    • ‘A low wall wraps around the site embracing a single-story cafeteria overlooking a minimally landscaped courtyard.’
    • ‘All 16 contestants live in a minimally furnished three-room apartment in New York.’
    • ‘Both artists sketch loose geometric shapes in the surrounding field, only minimally suggesting background scenery with large patches of intense color.’
    • ‘Students must be minimally acquainted with some basic biology principles.’
    • ‘Carved from large pieces of minimally worked tree trunks with nailed-on extensions, his sculptures are almost always monumental.’
    • ‘Your teacher will consider this to be minimally satisfactory progress for a semester's work.’



/ˈminəməlē/ /ˈmɪnəməli/