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  • A very short skirt.

    ‘The spring women's line features off-the-shoulder blouses, miniskirts and hipster trousers.’
    • ‘Then there were normal T-shirts and miniskirts and shorts and jeans and tops and strapless things, and a lot of jewellery.’
    • ‘However, they do not wear shorts, miniskirts, or strapless or sleeveless tops.’
    • ‘At retail meccas like Guess and Express, young girls 12 to 19 are spending $37 billion a year on clothes such as belly-baring shirts and micro miniskirts.’
    • ‘While there are plenty of party girls still sporting low-slung bell bottoms, the hippest in the crowd are swishing around in kicky full skirts, miniskirts and skirts with dipping hemlines.’
    • ‘Though they wear blue denim miniskirts, shirts and Stetsons, Smile has no particular Western theme.’
    • ‘And with freaky long legs like mine, all skirts look like miniskirts.’
    • ‘Offsetting the lace were short jackets and miniskirts in soft chestnut leather, decorated with white top stitching.’
    • ‘Marissa, played by maybe the worst actress of all time, frolics around in her absurdly short miniskirts, hiding her drinking problem and pining over her broken family.’
    • ‘Under Malawi's former government, women could not wear slacks, shorts, or miniskirts.’
    • ‘She's 48 and a mum of four, but miniskirts, bikinis and corsets are still absolutely de rigueur.’
    • ‘Barbie is sold wearing swimsuits and miniskirts in a society where women must wear head scarves in public.’
    • ‘During seasons where miniskirts was all the rage, she countered by showing designs with hems at a more wearable length.’
    • ‘We can still work and dress in jeans and blouses although no miniskirts.’
    • ‘She wanted to be Tina Turner in a hot miniskirt and boots, but those styles were hard to find for a full-figured woman.’
    • ‘That's a nod to the raincoat maker that transformed itself from tired to trendy by plastering its trademark plaid on everything from miniskirts to bikinis.’
    • ‘But when I left, women not only went to work - they went to work wearing miniskirts.’
    • ‘The 24-year-old put on a miniskirt and blouse and make-up and borrowed an identity card from a female friend.’
    • ‘He waited at the window as I slipped into the bathroom and changed quickly into a black tanktop and a matching miniskirt.’



/ˈminēˌskərt/ /ˈmɪniˌskərt/