Definition of minivan in English:


Pronunciation /ˈminēˌvan/ /ˈmɪniˌvæn/

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  • A small van, typically one fitted with seats in the back for passengers.

    ‘Thus, an 8-passenger minivan that gets 25 mpg must not be considered a gas-guzzler.’
    • ‘The Dodge brand was focused on trucks, Jeep on SUVs and Chrysler on passenger vehicles, including minivans.’
    • ‘He's sitting in the front seat of that Mercedes minivan for the quick drive back to the Vatican.’
    • ‘As it begins to turn down the aisle, a white Ford passenger minivan - the kind that's full of windows - starts backing out of a nearby space, putting it on a collision course.’
    • ‘Interestingly, there was a whole lot of time - and a whole lot of miles - spent individually pondering just what it is that one really needs in a minivan - like great seats.’
    • ‘Jace sat next to Eric in the passenger seat of the red minivan, looking curiously out of the tinted windows at the increasingly derelict buildings and streets of downtown.’
    • ‘That leaves only two models - the Alero passenger car and Silhouette minivan.’
    • ‘Yoshino is credited with leading Honda into the North American minivan and SUV markets and expanding U.S. sales.’
    • ‘SUVs may be the current wave, but we've seen the rise and fall of the passenger car, the minivan and the pickup truck.’
    • ‘Are you looking for a sports car, or do you have children and need a sedan, minivan or SUV?’
    • ‘As someone who has moved seats in and out of every minivan on the market, the third-row split bench is a welcome relief to my back.’
    • ‘These three infinitely-variable conveyances come in three different styles - minivan, SUV, or combo.’
    • ‘Among mass produced vehicles, only the Honda Odyssey minivan has consistently sold with a premium-over-list price since its launch.’
    • ‘The latest iteration is in an Opel Zafira minivan.’
    • ‘The short wheelbase Montana minivan, which is almost five inches longer than the Aztek, however, will hold 133 cubic feet.’
    • ‘Since the overhead system needs several inches of space, it fits best in a pickup, minivan, SUV or crossover vehicle.’
    • ‘He sees this as a possibility for minivan and SUV owners as well.’
    • ‘Instead in May, 1998, GM opted to build the Opel Zafira minivan, primarily for export.’
    • ‘Honda's Odyssey minivan is the first North American market vehicle to use the Pax System.’
    • ‘A minivan has enough big seats and cup holders for an entire foursome of overweight, middle-age men, and if you remove the rear seat you can stack golf bags like cordwood.’