Definition of minor axis in English:

minor axis

Pronunciation /ˈˌmīnər ˈaksəs/ /ˈˌmaɪnər ˈæksəs/


  • The shorter axis of an ellipse that is perpendicular to its major axis.

    ‘In the work On conoids and spheroids Archimedes examines paraboloids of revolution, hyperboloids of revolution, and spheroids obtained by rotating an ellipse either about its major axis or about its minor axis.’
    • ‘We will assume that then the axis is called the major axis of the ellipse and the axis is the minor axis.’
    • ‘Thirty-two percent of fenestrate graptolites have ratios of 0.49 or less; that is, the proximodistal-row model produces simulated zooid domain ellipses with minor axes that are less than half the length of the major axis.’
    • ‘The minor axis is perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the galaxy.’
    • ‘The major axis of the ellipse will be along the East-West line and the minor axis will be North-South.’