Definition of minor tranquilizer in English:

minor tranquilizer

(British minor tranquillizer, minor tranquilliser)


  • A tranquilizer of the kind used to treat anxiety states, especially a benzodiazepine.

    ‘Tapering and discontinuing mental medicines, benzodiazapines or minor tranquilizers, sleep medicines and antidepressants can almost cut in half the rate of falling.’
    • ‘Mr Collis said pharmacies were not only being targeted for methadone, but also benzodiazepines (minor tranquillisers) and cash.’
    • ‘The most frequently used drugs are benzodiazepines, which are minor tranquillisers that are used in sleeping medications and so forth.’
    • ‘From a clinical standpoint, the most important classes of drugs that influence ventilatory control are the inhalational anesthetics, narcotics, and minor tranquilizers.’
    • ‘The only two classes of drugs that show any sign of modest increase - at least among 12th graders - are barbiturate sedatives and minor tranquilizers.’