Definition of mintage in English:



  • 1The minting of coins.

    ‘the inscriptions refer to the place of mintage’
    • ‘After plenty of car crashes, the pair discover a trunk full of gold coins of South African mintage.’
    • ‘He also attempted to fine tune the money supply with mintage of new gold coinage and adulterated silver coins.’
    • ‘Foreign coins of various mintage circulated freely, some dating back to Roman times.’
    1. 1.1The number of copies issued of a particular coin.
      ‘an estimated mintage of about 800’
      • ‘The total mintage the Mint could produce in one day was less than 30 Chang, or about 2,400 one baht bullet coins.’
      • ‘The 2002 - P Ohio quarter has the lowest mintage for one mint, 217.2 million.’
      • ‘This is a very small mintage for a coin, so the buyers might be happier with their coins in the future.’
      • ‘These medallions will be made at the Perth Mint that guarantees their weight, gold and silver content and strict observance of the limited mintage.’
      • ‘Later in 1978 a new coin with a racing-car was released from Macao, this time with no advertising, and a mintage of 5,500.’
      • ‘This coin is not very rare since the mintage was 1,035,691, making it very popular.’
      • ‘Even with a mintage of fifteen million the coin became very popular among collectors and good forgeries exists.’
      • ‘Anyway, I would not recommend changing these beautiful coins; I have seen the 6,000 baht in uncirculated being sold for 7,000 baht, and the mintage is very limited.’
      • ‘Here the mintage for the gold coin was 4,892 PC and the silver was 4,947 PC.’
      • ‘The mintage is limited to 4.500 for each of the coins and the price for each coin is set at S $55.’
      • ‘The mintage was very small, in un-circulated 2,602 coins were struck, while only 623 were struck in proof condition.’
      • ‘I do not know if the great interest was because of the low mintage, the interesting face value, hopes that the coin would increase in value or the appreciation of the Constitution.’



/ˈmin(t)ij/ /ˈmɪn(t)ɪdʒ/