Definition of mintmark in English:



  • A mark on a coin indicating the mint at which it was struck.

    ‘Cunobelinus describes himself as the son of Tasciovanus who, according to mint marks on his coins, ruled from Verlamio, later the Roman town of Verulamium, close to St Albans (Hertfordshire).’
    • ‘County council archaeologist Bob Croft added: ‘We could tell they were forgeries because they did not have the mint mark on them.’’
    • ‘The one pound was the first coin to feature a distinctive cross, referred to as the Llantrisant (repeat Llantrisant) mint mark, which means ‘Church or Parish of the Three Saints’.’
    • ‘For a chart of mint mark locations for each type of U.S. coin, be sure to see the PicGrade Area.’
    • ‘Hopefully finding the mint mark wouldn't be so difficult if you knew exactly where to look for it.’
    • ‘However each of the branch mint marks were punched into the dies by hand in those days.’
    • ‘But if you pick up a Potosi coin and see that mint mark - it is as obvious as the nose on your face.’
    • ‘The rose mint mark appears on the edge of two of the pieces in the Royal Mint Bi-metallic Trial Pack from 1994.’
    • ‘Each card will have 2 coins of the same denomination showing both the First new mint mark and final no mint mark coins.’
    • ‘This open-leg lifetime drachm from Sardis depicts as mint marks a rose under the throne and a monogram that looks a bit like a double E in the reverse left field.’
    • ‘Each different mint mark denotes the city in which the coin was struck; for instance, the ` B’ mint mark indicates that the coin was minted in Brisbane.’
    • ‘After the war, when a return to the regular alloy was made, the mint mark was restored to its former position and the letter ‘P’ on Philadelphia coinage was discontinued.’
    • ‘Starting around the middle of the 3rd century A.D., Roman mints began incorporating mint marks as a form of control over the actions of mint officials.’
    • ‘Around the middle the 3rd century C. E., Roman mints began incorporating mint marks on their coins - Roman Bureaucracy at work.’
    • ‘These cobs with the ‘AP’ mint mark are rare and currently only 43 are known to exist.’
    • ‘In a few cases, the mint mark was applied more than once, resulting in a ‘repunched mint mark’ or ‘RPM,’ and sometimes resulting in a doubled or even tripled mint mark.’
    • ‘Although mint marks can be seen easily with the naked eye, designer's initials often require a magnifying glass to be seen.’
    • ‘Is the difference in value of mint marks only for coin collectors?’
    • ‘Remember from your reading that coins issued in certain years did not have mint marks.’
    • ‘Any coin not listed was probably only made in Philadelphia and thus lacks a mint mark.’



/ˈmintmärk/ /ˈmɪntmɑrk/