Definition of miotic in English:


Pronunciation /mīˈätik/


(also myotic)

See miosis

‘Its pharmacology accounts for its analgesic and antitussive properties, along with adverse effects such as respiratory depression, decreased bowel motility, miotic pupils, nausea and hypotension.’
  • ‘Since the pupillary sphincter is not receiving blood, neither light nor a miotic agent produces miosis.’
  • ‘Although topical miotic drops or gel preparations are poorly tolerated by younger patients due to induced myopia and accommodative spasm, pilocarpine Ocuserts are extremely well tolerated.’
  • ‘Carbachol a topical miotic agent has not been widely used in India.’
  • ‘We examined the effects of solutions containing miotic agents such as carbachol and/or acetylcholine on corneal endothelial pumping activity.’