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  • 1In a way that suggests or resembles a miracle.

    ‘a shrine where people bring the sick to be miraculously healed’
    • ‘In return, she received a perfect imprint of Christ's features, which miraculously stained the cloth.’
    • ‘I, whose life He hath miraculously preserved at sundry times from a multitude of perils and dangers, count myself the deepliest bound to give my humblest thanks.’
    • ‘The ancient Druids, powerful as they were, did not miraculously cure wounded warriors, make people invisible, or control the beasts and the birds.’
    • ‘Dinners appeared miraculously on our doorstep every day.’
    • ‘This is done in emulation of Abraham's willingness to express his faith by sacrificing his son, who was then miraculously replaced on the altar by a ram.’
    • ‘After the defeat, the oil for the temple miraculously lasted for eight days until it could be renewed.’
    • ‘Jiandi, the mother of the Yin dynasty, conceived miraculously by swallowing a blackbird's egg.’
    • ‘If you are sick and want to be healthy again, you can't just miraculously cure yourself.’
    • ‘As written, the king miraculously entered into the splendid sphere of phenomena.’
    1. 1.1In a remarkable and extremely lucky manner.
      ‘the two drivers miraculously escaped with only minor injuries’
      • ‘During the conflict Jack was shot in the head, but miraculously survived.’
      • ‘It begins with a train crash, from which there is one survivor, miraculously unharmed.’
      • ‘After several days adrift in a lifeboat, some of the crew find the ship miraculously still afloat.’
      • ‘The eagle drops the box over the sea, and Gulliver miraculously survives this disastrous fall.’
      • ‘I was hoping for that, and miraculously we've got there through some rough old seas.’
      • ‘The story tells how he miraculously managed to escape from his icy tomb and then crawl with his broken leg for three days and nights to reach the camp.’
      • ‘He enlists the help of a young lad who miraculously escaped the carnage.’
      • ‘A show that has miraculously survived through low ratings and critical bashing for as long as it has deserves a better finale than this.’
      • ‘That was the first line of the first chorus of the first song of my first hit album when I miraculously became a pop diva.’
      • ‘She stuffed the key into the hole, and miraculously it fit.’



/məˈrakyələslē/ /məˈrækjələsli/