Definition of mirador in English:



  • A turret or tower attached to a building and providing an extensive view.

    ‘The theatre divides the park roughly in half and from the top of its seating tiers, a mirador offers good views across the landscape.’
    • ‘He has a very good view similar to the mirador from his terrace.’
    • ‘The property is sumptuously decorated in Moorish style throughout, with mosaic-tiled fountains and elegant colonnades, jewelled lanterns, an octagonal dining pavilion and a domed mirador.’
    • ‘Briefly the alleys open into placetas and miradors, from where the view extends for miles.’
    • ‘We also flew paper aeroplanes from the mirador.’
    turret, minaret, spire, belfry, obelisk, needle, pyramid, cone, finial, shikara, mirador



/ˈmirədôr/ /ˈmɪrədɔr/


Late 17th century from Spanish, from mirar ‘to look’.