Definition of mirepoix in English:



  • A mixture of sautéed chopped vegetables used in various sauces.

    ‘Using the same frying pan, add the mirepoix of vegetable and colour.’
    • ‘I added the mirepoix and explained to the class how this mixture of diced onion, carrot, and celery is the foundation of all great sauces.’
    • ‘His mirepoix is listed among ‘essences’ and, indeed, is a meaty concoction (laced with two bottles of Madeira!) which, like all other essences, was used to enrich many a classic sauce.’
    • ‘We hack through six duck carcasses while Kristi, a striking blue-eyed brunette from Newport Beach, California, starts our mirepoix.’
    • ‘He has a typically light Italian touch with, for example, sweetbreads, which are served clean and white with a high and herbal saffron sauce on a sort of mirepoix of carrots and celery.’



/mirˈpwä/ /mɪrˈpwɑ/


French, named after the Duc de Mirepoix (1699–1757), French general.