Definition of mirror-like in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmirərˌlīk/ /ˈmɪrərˌlaɪk/


  • (of a surface or material) reflecting an image like a mirror.

    ‘the mirror-like polish of the black floor’
    • ‘The manufacturers just don't strive to achieve a mirror-like polish nowadays.’
    • ‘The factory looks like an office complex, with sparkling, mirror-like floors.’
    • ‘The small lake at the base of the fort is mirror-like, in which a diverse group of birds admire their reflections.’
    • ‘The mirror-like overhang that shelters the entry on Fourth Avenue ripples like a river from the reflected lights of vehicles passing by.’
    • ‘The village, when they finally reached it, was built next to a lake of almost mirror-like black ice.’
    • ‘Daguerreotypes have extreme depth and detail, together with an elusive, glittering, mirror-like quality that shifts between negative and positive images.’
    • ‘It has very few bumps or protuberances, and the surface has as mirror-like a sheen as you can get from white plastic.’
    • ‘Drifting upon the mirror-like lake surface on a bamboo raft offers both physical and mental enjoyment.’
    • ‘A specular reflection, or glint, occurs when a smooth, mirror-like surface is oriented so that it reflects sunlight directly at an observer.’
    • ‘Now the car has paintwork with a mirror-like gleam, shiny vinyl seats and white-walled tyres.’