Definition of mirror finish in English:

mirror finish

Pronunciation /ˈmirər ˌfiniSH/ /ˈmɪrər ˌfɪnɪʃ/


  • A very smooth reflective finish produced on the surface of a metal.

    ‘A microfinishing machine is designed to correct surface imperfections and to impart a mirror finish to hip joints and other spherical surfaces.’
    • ‘The bottom of the block is not quite a mirror finish, however, it is quite smooth.’
    • ‘These are shaped to the desired contours and are usually made of hardened tool steel ground and lapped to a mirror finish.’
    • ‘Check out the reflection on the main unit, it's virtually a mirror finish.’
    • ‘Available in three sizes, 200, 400 and 600 mm, the plastic globe has a metallized mirror finish and can be used as a pendant fitting, mounted in a stand, or simply left lying on the floor.’
    • ‘With 39 entries in total, organisers were delighted by the turnout of utes ranging from latest models to customised classics, all proudly polished to a mirror finish and most of them carrying one or more Australian flags.’
    • ‘It looks great without being over the top, providing a soft blue glow via the LED fans and blue acrylic windows, and the polished Titanium surround gives it a mirror finish that you could almost shave in.’
    • ‘If you take a look at the bottom, the base and contact area is ultra-flat with a mirror finish, the result of precision machining to ensure 100% contact with the CPU.’
    • ‘Outside, nothing had changed: there were four guards on duty in the hall, standing at attention with armor and accoutrements polished to a mirror finish.’
    • ‘They were wearing their camouflage battle utility uniforms but they were pressed and starched and their combat boots were spit shined to a mirror finish.’
    • ‘The outside was black stone, polished to a mirror finish and adorned with neon lights spiraling a zigzagging crazily all over the surface.’
    • ‘The boys were dressed in identical black tuxedos, each with a signature red bow tie, white shirt, and shoes polished to a mirror finish.’
    • ‘It's almost a mirror finish and should help reduce any micro holes that could potentially trap air and so reduce thermal transfer.’
    • ‘It's a thin fin design, with the base lapped to a mirror finish.’
    • ‘A little lapping would probably do some good, and it wouldn't take much to bring it to a mirror finish.’
    • ‘You can easily see the mirror finish in the above shots, which shows up fingerprints quite easily.’
    • ‘The logo is done with a mirror finish, and is said to last longer through wear and tear than before.’
    • ‘They feature slits at the side and a slight mirror finish, with a designer logo at the stems.’
    • ‘The base is solid and flat, but doesn't have a polished mirror finish like other sinks do.’
    • ‘However the base of the heat sink could use a good lapping to bring it up to a mirror finish.’