Definition of mirror symmetry in English:

mirror symmetry


  • Symmetry about a plane, like that between an object and its reflection.

    ‘The fusion stalk structure shown in Fig.1 A is cylindrically symmetric around the z axis and exhibits mirror symmetry with respect to the equatorial plane.’
    • ‘The player tries to form a pattern with the coins that shows mirror symmetry around the middle row.’
    • ‘So there's a few examples of mirror symmetry and asymmetry all around us on the rotating earth and so forth, and I would delve deeper and deeper down to the atom till eventually it was a question of matter and anti-matter.’
    • ‘When hovering, fruit flies move their wings back and forth in almost perfect mirror symmetry.’
    • ‘Our model assumes mirror symmetry of two monolayers with respect to the midplane of the bilayer.’


mirror symmetry

/ˌmirər ˈsimətrē/ /ˌmɪrər ˈsɪmətri/