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  • Full of mirth; merry or amusing.

    ‘mirthful laughter’
    • ‘That's one of the mirthful questions answered in this light-hearted, irreverent and yet strangely affecting account of Christ's entire life, not just the three years or so we get in the Bible.’
    • ‘Laughter peals through Taipei's Great Tranquility Park as the play's hero, the deliciously impish King Monkey, contorts his face with mirthful delight at the havoc he has inspired.’
    • ‘It is not only an essential adjunct to ceremonials, adding a mirthful dimension to martial pomp and vigour, but also possesses a vast potential as a medium of cultural entertainment.’
    • ‘Every Sunday afternoon, she snugly slips into different characters and lives it to the hilt, unleashing mirthful moments with her endearing performances.’
    • ‘This is a book you'd like to have as an elder relative: wise, mirthful, and generous of spirit; knowing enough to be able to remind you to laugh out loud just at the joy of life.’
    merry, high-spirited, in high spirits, cheerful, cheery, hilarious, gleeful, laughter-filled, jocular, chucklesome, buoyant, carefree, blithe, euphoric, exhilarated, elated, light-hearted, jovial, joyous, fun-filled
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/ˈmərTHf(ə)l/ /ˈmərθf(ə)l/