Definition of mirthfully in English:



See mirthful

‘The second thing that strikes you is that even the sad songs are spiked with joyful harmonies, and there's something wistful and mirthfully alive in the music that makes you forget about whatever else you thought you were going to hear.’
  • ‘‘We thought you were dead’ a wise old man mirthfully wheezed.’
  • ‘At the end of the table a greybeard makes heavy overtures, mirthfully spied upon from a window above, to a half-protesting matron.’
  • ‘Austin regained his composure, and said mirthfully, ‘No, no, we're not dead.’’
  • ‘Smearing her usual plum lipstick over her lips, Eliza's deep eyes twinkled mirthfully.’



/ˈmərTHfəlē/ /ˈmərθfəli/