Definition of mis-sell in English:



[with object]often as noun mis-selling
  • Sell (something) to a customer on the basis of misleading advice.

    ‘a further review of product and commission disclosure is possible if mis-selling in the life assurance industry continues’
    with two objects ‘thousands of people have been mis-sold personal pensions’
    • ‘On this basis, which is a similar one to the endowment mis-selling case, I believe that my company pension and AVC plan were mis-sold to me.’
    • ‘The policy change will not affect those customers who complain that they were mis-sold their mortgage endowment policy.’
    • ‘What evidence is required to substantiate a claim that an endowment policy was mis-sold?’
    • ‘Ultimately, it will benefit the industry too, as better regulation will reduce the massive bills it would eventually face for mis-selling products.’
    • ‘The Financial Services Authority, Britain's markets regulator, has cautioned banks about mis-selling products.’
    • ‘We would need perhaps 100 or so experienced cynics who can spot mis-selling a mile away.’
    • ‘If you had bought an investment product and believe it was mis-sold to you, check with your broker to ensure that the correct advice was given.’
    • ‘In the ombudsman's view, for example, anyone sold an endowment policy shortly before retirement was probably mis-sold and should be compensated.’
    • ‘Just because you can afford to pay off the shortfall doesn't mean that the policy wasn't mis-sold in the first place.’
    • ‘The regulator must prove not that some people were mis-sold endowments, but that the insurer did not implement and follow proper compliance procedures.’
    • ‘Savers are paying up to £113m in commission every year to advisers who mis-sold their endowment policies.’
    • ‘Many members without guaranteed pensions have long argued that they were mis-sold policies because they were never informed that they were technically second-class members.’
    • ‘However, policies are regularly mis-sold to borrowers who are not eligible to claim because they are self-employed or on short-term contracts.’
    • ‘Obviously not all of these policies were mis-sold but the Consumer Panel of the Financial Services Authority estimates that about half of them might have been.’
    • ‘The black cloud doesn't disappear completely, as there is still the threat of litigation from those who have left and believe they were mis-sold.’
    • ‘However, thanks to dubious sales techniques, it is widely mis-sold.’
    • ‘Financial consultants who mis-sell high-risk schemes do so because they are paid huge commissions by the fund management companies.’
    • ‘Should I pursue a claim for mis-selling against the lender, the person who advised me, or the insurance company?’
    • ‘He believes he was mis-sold his policy, which is now also facing a shortfall of up to £6,000.’
    • ‘A Treasury Select Committee Report suggests as much as 60% of endowment policies may have been mis-sold.’