Definition of misaligned in English:



  • Having an incorrect position or alignment.

    ‘misaligned headlights’
    • ‘This energy field can become unbalanced, misaligned, obstructed, or out of tune.’
    • ‘The door swung open with a squeal of misaligned hinges and I squinted into glow of the lantern on the wall opposite.’
    • ‘They are full of cracked or misaligned paving slabs or kerbstones, running fissures and uneven surfaces everywhere.’
    • ‘If that was the cause, and it seems the most likely, then the misaligned burner is something which has not arisen as a result of anything my client's company did.’
    • ‘Change detection by this method is a challenging task because soft tissue takes on different shapes at different imaging sessions, resulting in misaligned mammograms.’
    • ‘If your bite is misaligned, you will clench or grind as a reflex response, which can cause the deep facial muscle that controls the jaw to go into spasm.’
    • ‘Suppose the screw is misaligned, there may not be a second chance as reorientation will reduce the hold of the screws.’
    • ‘But some of the doors on the 14-year-old telescope could be warped; one was misaligned and difficult for an astronaut to close a full decade ago.’
    • ‘Small misaligned number plates make it difficult to identify speeding motorcyclists and therefore they remain a danger on our roads.’
    • ‘The team calculated that children who sucked on dummies or their thumbs - non-nutritive sucking - were twice as likely to have misaligned teeth as those who did not.’
    • ‘His skull was so misaligned that his back teeth had clamped together the duty nurse told a reporter ‘it was as if his face had inverted.’’
    • ‘Chiropractors who believe that slightly misaligned vertebrae can cause disease often use machines or small hand-held spring-loaded mallets to tap misaligned vertebrae back into place.’
    • ‘It's common for a baby's eyes to sometimes appear misaligned or crossed at birth.’
    • ‘Adjustments can help you maintain your full range of motion, which protects against muscle strain during workouts and reduces joint dysfunction by ensuring that your joints aren't misaligned.’
    • ‘According to the National Institutes of Health, most misaligned bites (technically known as malocclusions) are so minor that they do not require treatment.’
    • ‘In still another embodiment, visible spectrum detection of our out-of-phase digital watermark provides a clue as to whether a printing process needs calibration or is misaligned.’
    • ‘Sometimes the decoration was misaligned, possibly because the decorator was overworked or distracted.’
    • ‘The facet joints (small stabilizing joints between and behind adjacent vertebrae) may become misaligned and eventually wear out with age.’
    • ‘A child's vision should be checked for conditions such as: misaligned eyes, cataracts, and problems that need correction with eyeglasses.’
    • ‘His rugged-model good looks make it all the more painful when he's shouting at us to hurry, or discovering a minutely misaligned seam on an otherwise perfect cake.’
    lopsided, unsymmetrical, crooked



/ˌmisəˈlīnd/ /ˌmɪsəˈlaɪnd/