Definition of miscommunication in English:



  • Failure to communicate adequately.

    ‘there was clear evidence of miscommunication between the surgeon and anesthetist’
    • ‘differences between dialects are reflected in miscommunications’
    • ‘It is only through mutual education that all parties concerned can be assured of communication instead of miscommunication.’
    • ‘Problems with translation and miscommunication are very common.’
    • ‘The navigator's miscommunication was caused by out-dated communication equipment.’
    • ‘Obviously we were having some miscommunication there.’
    • ‘But he also admits that this time, inappropriate questions, miscommunication, and lack of trust led to problems.’
    • ‘And that's just a little example, but there's so many… so many problems occur because of miscommunication.’
    • ‘Eventually they will become so distracted, and their relationships will be so corroded by duplicity and miscommunication, that they will simply give up and die out.’
    • ‘Another problem is that they don't have much choice in the matter, which again contributes to the air of miscommunication and unfairness.’
    • ‘Is there any discord between you and the Ministry of Culture and if so, why according to you is there miscommunication among institutions?’
    • ‘But, as in all instances of dysfunction, miscommunication seems to lie at the root of the problem.’
    • ‘I was told, yes, it's today, but I guess there was the usual miscommunication.’
    • ‘This precision and comprehensiveness also serves to dispel ambiguity and miscommunication in camp.’
    • ‘Unless the attitude among churches changes, there will always be miscommunication and a lot of misinformation too.’
    • ‘I ordered a drink, and after several minutes of miscommunication got something approaching a rum and cola.’
    • ‘He says it made for a bit of miscommunication a few times and became the only real language barrier.’
    • ‘Americans pay a shocking price for this miscommunication.’
    • ‘But because of miscommunication, we went out to 18 miles, instead of eight.’
    • ‘The miscommunication here about what was open for discussion rests partly with our assumptions in the basic writing field, it seems to me.’
    • ‘Several factors have contributed, among them miscommunication, inexperience and limited talent.’
    • ‘Distortions are introduced by miscommunication or deliberate fraud.’



/ˌmiskəˌmyo͞onəˈkāSHən/ /ˌmɪskəˌmjunəˈkeɪʃən/