Definition of misdemeanant in English:



  • A person convicted of a misdemeanor or guilty of misconduct.

    ‘‘Court and police precinct records show,’ a municipal agency maintained, ‘that in arrests, convictions, misdemeanants, felons, female police problems and juvenile delinquencies, these areas are in the lead.’’
    • ‘First, all sites operated according to a charge priority system, where non-drug felons, drug felons, non-drug misdemeanants, and drug misdemeanants were prioritized hierarchically.’
    • ‘In other words, the decision to arrest misdemeanants - adopting that policy in preference to other policing strategies - is a choice with significant distributional consequences for African Americans.’
    • ‘It was much safer than today's Washington, D.C., with homicides running to one or two per cattle-trading season and marshals mostly concerned with arresting drunks and other misdemeanants.’
    • ‘It was a fate suffered both by the state prisoners, who were felons, and by county misdemeanants.’



/ˌmisdəˈmēnənt/ /ˌmɪsdəˈminənt/


Early 19th century from archaic misdemean ‘misbehave’ + -ant.