Definition of misdiagnosis in English:



  • An incorrect diagnosis of an illness or other problem.

    ‘the common errors that can lead to a misdiagnosis’
    mass noun ‘misdiagnosis of scabies is common’
    • ‘There are similarities with Smith, who also suffered the misfortune of misdiagnosis.’
    • ‘Inappropriate educational placement or misdiagnoses of language delay in bilingual children is a concern.’
    • ‘Errors related to the misdiagnosis of fractures accounted for the third largest amount of dollars paid out to settle malpractice claims.’
    • ‘A misdiagnosis of schizophrenia in an adolescent could result in failure to initiate appropriate treatment for an affective illness at a critical life stage.’
    • ‘Initially, patients are often treated with anticoagulants because of the misdiagnosis of pulmonary embolism.’
    • ‘I repeatedly had a baffling array of symptoms and was disappointed to receive either no diagnosis or even misdiagnosis and cocktails of harmful drugs.’
    • ‘No treatment with normal nursing care is a safeguard against wrong diagnosis and against deliberate misdiagnosis for an evil purpose.’
    • ‘The association between TB incidence and history of TB we observed is thus unlikely to be due to misdiagnoses or misclassifications.’
    • ‘By using specialists with time dedicated to treating epilepsy, waiting lists and misdiagnoses have been significantly reduced.’
    • ‘Awareness of these vestigial epithelial remnants is important in recognizing their associated pathologic conditions and in preventing misdiagnoses.’