Definition of misdoing in English:



  • A misdeed.

    ‘the company has been cleared of any misdoings’
    • ‘Voters can't be bothered to look closely enough to find misdoings, while politicians trumpet their every success.’
    • ‘The remembrance of our misdoings is grievous to us; the burden of them is intolerable.’
    • ‘I have to admit that I had thought the Bush Administration has been much too soft on corporate misdoings and the harm it has caused America.’
    • ‘Surely, an evil misdoing as such should not be rewarded in this way.’
    • ‘Now that I'm unemployed - thanks to the misdoings of a certain Internet media company that may or may not host this site - I've been pretty bored.’
    • ‘While the sentiments seem heartfelt, there are probably much closer-to-home ways women can warn other women of a guy's misdoings, or vice versa.’
    • ‘Thought it was his own choice, his own misdoings.’
    • ‘And when the time came to regret for my misdoings, he was gone.’
    • ‘He may have been weak in body, but his mind was strong, his position impressive, his own faults or misdoings unpunishable by law.’
    • ‘If we, the press and the people, refuse to avert our gaze from the misdoings of the BCCI, it might be forced to mend its ways.’
    • ‘Should Olivia share her information about possible medical misdoings at the hospital?’
    • ‘The cowardly writer of this perfidy had assumed the mantle of anonymity to cloak his misdoings!’
    • ‘One party's misdoing is another's political opportunity.’
    • ‘But I think most of them are related to financial embezzlement, financial misdoing and some misuse of public funds.’
    • ‘They also wanted to get the message across to employees and authority members that they had a duty to report suspected misdoing and not ignore it.’
    • ‘As the glass lowered he peered inside, scanning the cabin for any blatant misdoing.’
    • ‘For present purposes, however, what is critical is that the Federal Magistrate, having examined those questions of alleged professional misdoing, went on to hear and determine the matter on its merits and dismiss the proceeding.’
    • ‘Many obstacles to deinstitutionalisation still exist: psychiatrists have a very low threshold for hospital admission as they are held legally responsible for any misdoing by their patients.’



/misˈdo͞oiNG/ /mɪsˈduɪŋ/