Definition of mise en scène in English:

mise en scène


usually in singular
  • 1The arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play.

    ‘She thereby denies a voice to that whole body of writing and associated theory that draws attention to itself in the space between page-based writing and the flesh-and-blood actor in the mise en scène.’
    • ‘In a chamber play that foregrounds the intimate relationship between language and the mise en scène, such moments of silence are both pronounced and telling.’
    • ‘The central task of the mise en scène is to place people in some context.’
    • ‘In such a case, the music, the staging and the mise en scène had better be up to more than an evocation of an outmoded theatricality.’
    stage set, set, flats, backdrop, drop curtain
    1. 1.1The setting or surroundings of an event or action.
      surroundings, position, situation, environment, background, backdrop, milieu, environs


mise en scène

/ˌmēz ˌän ˈsen/ /ˌmiz ˌɑn ˈsɛn/


French, literally ‘putting on stage’.