Definition of miseducative in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈejəˌkātiv/


See miseducate

‘First we must talk about the miseducative experience which set Cole onto the path of destruction.’
  • ‘They seek to interact with the subject matter, yet this is also the moment when we often arrest the growth, create a miseducative experience and anesthetize them to learning.’
  • ‘Dewey is of the strong opinion that experiences can be miseducative.’
  • ‘Thus, the traditional school was very often miseducative.’
  • ‘Our democracy and the quality of public education is threatened when parents and educators are unaware of the monetary costs associated with standardized testing and the social, emotional, professional, and miseducative impact of the over-reliance on secret tests administered without the slightest hint of public accountability.’