Definition of miserabilism in English:



  • Gloomy pessimism or negativity.

    ‘the duo spent much of the eighties exploring the lonely outer reaches of miserabilism’
    • ‘England's World Cup song should embrace the national pastimes of miserabilism and self-deprecation.’
    • ‘Salinger's mother was a member of the Scottish diaspora: perhaps Holden Caulfield's existentialist gloom owes more to Scottish miserabilism than to adolescent angst.’
    • ‘Rather than being just a study in Scottish miserabilism Burnside's new book is a chilling display case of grotesques, shot through with a bleak and mordant humour.’
    • ‘They exposed my miserabilism for the false consciousness it was.’
    • ‘But perhaps Gwyneth was able to clinch the deal by demonstrating that she had some familiarity with existential miserabilism.’



/ˈmiz(ə)rəbəˌlizəm/ /ˈmɪz(ə)rəbəˌlɪzəm/