Definition of miserabilist in English:


noun & adjective

See miserabilism

‘No sooner had the heatwave happened than risk managers, health experts and media miserabilists were rolling up their sleeves and warning us about ‘the dangers of heat’.’
  • ‘Contrary to the impression given by some miserabilists today, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be famous.’
  • ‘His patented miserabilist lyrics are sharper than ever - ‘I wrote your name with fireworks in the sky / But you never turned up to see it’ he intones on ‘Serenade’.’
  • ‘The theatre of fear is a cultural expression of our miserabilist times.’
  • ‘In the light of this sexist, miserabilist orthodoxy, surely clear-eyed, hard-hearted happiness is the most maddeningly subversive weapon a woman can wield.’