Definition of misfile in English:


Pronunciation /misˌfīl/ /mɪsˌfaɪl/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • File wrongly.

    ‘the documents had been misfiled’
    • ‘Charts won't get lost or misfiled, and my staff won't have to go through the office searching for through ‘call-back’ and ‘to be done’ stacks.’
    • ‘She had redone, misfiled, mis-stated, and simply gone off into a daze so many times that day that when the day mercifully ended, several of her co-workers bade her good-riddance.’
    • ‘With so many alternatives in the way information is kept, the chances increase that information is misplaced, misfiled or simply forgotten.’
    • ‘They abuse my kindness, abuse my phones, misfile, can't type, mess up my computers, complain constantly, and never complete assignments, so I end up doing their work.’
    • ‘In doing so, the customer avoids dealing with paper certificates, which can be lost or misfiled.’
    • ‘Anyway, we got through once we located the white sugar, misfiled in the pasta cupboard by the builders we had in recently.’
    • ‘The document is genuine and it just got misfiled in the archives until Lloyd found it.’
    • ‘I can only conclude that it must have been mislaid or misfiled.’
    • ‘But Iowa was the only one where I had received no financial award (because, I was later to learn, they had misfiled my GRE scores under Helms instead of Nelms.)’
    • ‘Each image should be individually linked to the case to which it belongs, so that if images are misfiled or removed from storage, their origin can still be identified.’
    • ‘Listen, I'm a Pisces, so can you tell me if I'm likely or not to misfile your application?’
    • ‘The slide librarian called to ask whether I would like her to misfile the offending slides.’
    • ‘Our first album had a cartoony cover and unfortunately it got misfiled in Tower Records - it got put in the children's section.’
    • ‘Not only is access to hardcopy data often slow - sometimes it never occurs at all because of ineffective retrieval or misfiling.’