Definition of misgive in English:


Pronunciation /misˈɡiv/ /mɪsˈɡɪv/

transitive verbmisgave, misgiven

[with object]literary
  • (of a person's mind or heart) fill (that person) with doubt, apprehension, or foreboding.

    ‘my heart misgave me when I saw him’
    • ‘In truth, my heart misgives me, for I believe this incident has enlightened our enemy, and I think that he expected to be so enlightened.’
    • ‘Yet far from welcoming an effort to provide Europe with a nascent expeditionary capability, he may misgive it.’
    • ‘My very heart and soul misgave me - misgave me for home, and family, and country, and future.’
    anxiety, angst, alarm, worry, uneasiness, unease, nervousness, misgiving, disquiet, concern, agitation, restlessness, edginess, fidgetiness, nerves, tension, trepidation, perturbation, consternation, panic, fearfulness, dread, fear, shock, horror, terror