Definition of mishear in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmisˈhir/ /ˌmɪsˈhɪr/

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transitive verbmisheard

[with object]
  • Fail to hear (a person or their words) correctly.

    ‘she must have misheard him’
    • ‘for a moment, he thought he had misheard’
    • ‘When asked why he had told the police otherwise, he said: ‘They must've misheard me’.’
    • ‘He must have misheard me, because he looked at me with dumb uncomprehending love.’
    • ‘No, you must have misheard me… I didn't say I couldn't read, I said I didn't like to.’
    • ‘I believe that you just asked me to be your wife but… I must surely have misheard you.’
    • ‘I just want to make sure that I'm not mishearing you, or maybe you misspoke.’
    • ‘I am perfectly prepared to concede that I might have misheard her, and that instead of saying ‘each’, she said ‘six’.’
    • ‘I wondered if he'd misheard me and decided that he'd probably noticed another table open up or a stool at the bar had become available.’
    • ‘I'm sure I misheard the doctor, and will see if a few teaspoons of milky cereal make a difference.’
    • ‘When the platter arrived, we wondered if they had misheard us and brought three servings.’
    • ‘Did your reporter mishear the word ‘delighted’?’
    • ‘I mishear him and think he's asking if we have a room to rent, and say no.’
    • ‘Samantha at first thought she had misheard him.’
    • ‘Thinking he had misheard Joseph, he let his eyes close again.’
    • ‘‘Repeat,’ he demanded, sounding as if he thought he had misheard her.’
    • ‘Well, I misheard you when you announced the appearances.’
    • ‘He accepted the compliment, but I realized that he had misheard me.’
    • ‘At first, I was certain I had misheard him, so I didn't say anything.’
    • ‘Maybe I misheard the member, but I think she said the rate of gang apprehensions had increased by over 30 percent.’
    • ‘Slowly, she turned her head back towards the boy, sure that she had misheard him.’
    • ‘She wasn't sure if it had been the kick to the head or if she had just misheard him, but suddenly the baron looked entirely too pleased to see her.’
    fail to hear, fail to take in, mishear, misunderstand