Definition of misinform in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmisənˈfôrm/ /ˌmɪsənˈfɔrm/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Give (someone) false or inaccurate information.

    ‘I'm afraid you have been misinformed’
    • ‘But they can at least try not to mislead or misinform us.’
    • ‘However, it is unacceptable to misinform your troops going into battle or mislead your citizens about why you are putting their sons and daughters in harm's way.’
    • ‘Repeating these fairy tales does no one any good (and, moreover, misinforms your readers).’
    • ‘When a journalist misinforms readers on their way to the ballot box democracy is sacrificed.’
    • ‘So tepid arguments between mumbling, incoherent, misinformed gentlemen speckle the news programmes.’
    • ‘We were also misinformed regarding how often there would be activity on the field which has resulted in the quality of life for residents deteriorating.’
    • ‘The Herald has misinformed voters and readers through it's actions.’
    • ‘In the final analysis, I think that it is the poor and misinformed parents who contribute to this dire plight.’
    • ‘Today he backed away from that statement, saying he was misinformed by exit polls.’
    • ‘I sincerely believe the hospital nurses were totally misinformed as to what was going on.’
    • ‘I wonder how many people are still misinformed about how this disease is spread?’
    • ‘Whether intentionally or because he was misinformed by his advisors, he lied.’
    • ‘A new government website misinforms parents about how to protect their kids from sexually transmitted diseases.’
    • ‘Public surveys show that the media misinforms most Americans about what is sexual abuse, and who is the sexual abuser.’
    • ‘I did some research to make sure that I wasn't misinforming you and here's a few of the great discoveries that reportedly involved no vivisection.’
    • ‘You may feel that because you are only linking to a website which purports to be advertising this event, you are not actually misinforming people.’
    • ‘The guild subsequently brought proceedings against the company accusing it of misinforming the consumer.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for Darius he was misinformed as to what he was dealing with.’
    • ‘I guess you were misinformed by your inside source about our upcoming attack.’
    mislead, misguide, misdirect, give wrong information to, delude, take in, deceive, lie to, fool, hoodwink, lead astray, throw off the scent, send on a wild goose chase, put on the wrong track, pull the wool over someone's eyes, pull someone's leg
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