Definition of miskey in English:


Pronunciation /misˈkē/ /mɪsˈki/

transitive verbmiskeys, miskeying, miskeyed

[with object]
  • Key (a word or piece of data) into a computer or other machine incorrectly.

    ‘users often do not notice that they have miskeyed a word’
    • ‘I thought maybe I had miskeyed something and gone back a page, but I tried it again with the same results.’
    • ‘But it seems that a trader at a US investment bank miskeyed an entry for a trade at the close of business.’
    • ‘A bettor places a $50 win at the last second and the teller miskeys the ticket as a $500 or $5000 win.’
    • ‘About 99% of those errors are caused by minor system problems or people miskeying addresses.’
    • ‘Otherwise, manual addition of the accession date, with all its potential for miskeying, will be necessary.’
    • ‘Suppose you bought your insurance, but your insurer has miskeyed one number in your Vehicle Identification Number.’
    • ‘The recesses aid in alignment of the user's finger to prevent miskeying of other keys.’
    • ‘Checking for items that you may have overlooked or miskeyed is a good place to start.’
    • ‘It can also reduce the labor associated with manually keying in the information and the time spent on errors caused by miskeying the data.’
    • ‘You may have miskeyed the document number.’
    • ‘Crucially, as all the dimensions are set at an early phase, there will be no need to enter these figures again, so errors through miskeying data are avoided.’
    • ‘Prior to final scoring, a key validation process is conducted to determine if any answers have been miskeyed or need to be modified.’
    • ‘If you accidentally activate this security feature by unintentionally miskeying a password three times, you would need to contact the Bank to re-establish the password for that account.’
    • ‘Where any breach occurs unintentionally, for example through miskeying or during the course of an authorized use, the use shall be discontinued at once.’