Definition of mislabel in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb mislabels, transitive verb mislabeling, transitive verb mislabeled, transitive verb mislabelling, transitive verb mislabelled

[with object]
  • Label wrongly.

    ‘a supplier had mislabeled the packet’
    • ‘The purpose of identity testing is to exclude mislabelling.’
    • ‘Indeed, the photographs and illustrations are often misleading, and frequently mislabelled as well.’
    • ‘Anti-censorship feminism is often very misunderstood and mislabelled and I would recommend this book to anyone, whatever their stance.’
    • ‘If they can get away with war I don't see how something so easily mislabelled as ‘humanitarian aid’ is going to make much difference.’
    • ‘People mislabel the film as a road movie, though I understand it.’
    • ‘Because ordinary people have converted most of the songs from CDs, they often have errors - they are truncated, have audio glitches or are mislabelled.’
    • ‘Well, if you're a Wiccan, and don't care if other traditions are mislabelled as being the same as yours, you need not do anything.’
    • ‘Such patients are then likely to mislabel pretreatment symptoms as drug-related after starting antidepressants.’
    • ‘When people mislabel objects, they often blame themselves for rushing their words or not paying attention.’
    • ‘To call this footage anything other than cutting room floor sweepings would be to mislabel them.’
    • ‘Civil suits are also possible against those who knowingly mislabel their goods.’
    • ‘The mislabelling of potatoes sold through either the retail or catering markets was described as unscrupulous by the IFA.’
    • ‘Japan's consumers have had their trust in food safety battered by a recent rash of scandals involving mislabelled beef, pork and poultry and by an outbreak of mad cow disease last year.’
    • ‘The trail of mislabelled milk powder emerged within the industry in April 2001.’
    • ‘The mislabelling of drugs is a serious matter and undermines the medical procedure and patient confidence.’
    • ‘These could include taking the wrong blood for a patient, mislabelling blood samples, and failing properly to check patients' blood groups at the bedside.’
    • ‘But the Sunday Herald has discovered that supermarkets have already been caught mislabelling organic fish.’
    • ‘Sometimes it is a mislabelled attempt to create corporate loyalty, or to do demographic-based marketing.’
    • ‘I think that this represents mislabelling of the cruellest sort to patients and which is not supported by any scientific or clinical data.’
    • ‘One reader had to download 63 tracks, and then sort through the salted and mislabelled files in order to successfully download all the songs from an album containing 12 songs.’



/misˈlābəl/ /mɪsˈleɪbəl/