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  • In a way that gives the wrong idea or impression.

    ‘the mailing misleadingly implied the recipients owed money’
    • ‘the Budget Committee is misleadingly named’
    • ‘An injunction prevented him from profiting from allegedly misleadingly advertised data protection notification services.’
    • ‘Previous results pertaining to interlock centrality might be spurious or misleadingly imprecise.’
    • ‘Each work is brought to life by his authoritative touch which, perhaps misleadingly, suggests the image was painted rapidly.’
    • ‘Somewhat misleadingly, the booklet contains two photographs of singing children.’
    • ‘Their persistence also leads Harris to conclude that the "deskilling" of labor in this century has been misleadingly overstated.’
    • ‘To recommend a better conception of oneself misleadingly suggests that there is a core person deciding to correct her self-image.’
    • ‘Already, some authors misleadingly declare that the city is made redundant by electronic connectivity.’
    • ‘The communique asserted, misleadingly, that Arte Communications had organized Taiwan's debut.’
    • ‘What Bill Gates misleadingly called an "intellectual property Pacman" lives to chomp another day.’
    • ‘Misleadingly enough, this nine-minute featurette, also exclusive to the Unrated Edition, was about the motocross scene in the film.’
    • ‘Now the generation of 1968 defends its position in academia and politics against a younger generation, often misleadingly labelled as post-modern rebels.’
    • ‘There is always an overwhelming temptation to conceive of identity and resistance in a misleadingly fundamentalist way.’
    • ‘Still resisting categorization, Wesley's recent paintings are as reductive in their affect as they are misleadingly decorative and occasionally funny.’
    • ‘The tavern owner was a tall and thin man with a misleadingly kind face and twinkling green eyes.’
    • ‘Referring to O'Higgins as a counter-revolutionary also misleadingly situates him on the post-revolutionary Irish political spectrum.’
    • ‘But they also tend to give a misleadingly pessimistic account of the information we receive and of conflict and its resolution.’
    • ‘Like EA's Tiger Woods of earlier years, NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup is significantly different from the PC simulation games which may misleadingly feature similar titles.’
    • ‘There are new publications, as always, but basically this is a brief review article presented with a misleadingly newsy sort of flavor.’



/ˌmisˈlēdiNGlē/ /ˌmɪsˈlidɪŋli/