Definition of mismanagement in English:


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  • The process of managing something badly or wrongly.

    ‘he was found guilty of mismanagement of public funds’
    • ‘I do see the developing crisis in the context of 30 years of gross monetary mismanagement.’
    • ‘In 1986, the company nearly went bankrupt, a victim of cash flow mismanagement.’
    • ‘The third cause of the crisis was exchange rate mismanagement.’
    • ‘They were to be accentuated by the evidence of gross government mismanagement during the war.’
    • ‘Spectacularly inspired mismanagement by airline executives actually deserves much of the blame for the state of the industry.’
    • ‘Of course, human mismanagement spoils a lot of potentially promising technology on a regular basis.’
    • ‘Alumni support, or lack thereof, had nothing to do with this level of mismanagement.’
    • ‘This transformation has in fact undermined the agency due to its mismanagement of its self-portrait.’
    • ‘It's trying to reverse the mismanagement of students' intellect.’
    • ‘His financial mismanagement sometimes has violated the law.’



/ˈˌmisˈmanəjmənt/ /ˈˌmɪsˈmænədʒmənt/