Definition of misname in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Give (something) a wrong or inappropriate name.

    ‘summer peas—misnamed, because they are beans—thrive in hot weather’
    • ‘That would be a better name, rather than misnaming it the Families Commission Bill.’
    • ‘As a result those differences have been misnamed and misused in the service of separation and confusion.’
    • ‘The errors documented by the report for these 69 people include the product being misnamed in medical notes or a patient getting a blood product prescribed for someone else.’
    • ‘Happy hours are misnamed - many now last for three or four hours, designed to attract fatigued office workers with the prospect of losing themselves in alcohol as rapidly as possible.’
    • ‘A third very common form of intellectual property, trademarks, is misnamed, and I will not discuss it extensively.’
    • ‘The title of this bill deserves debate because it misnames a large piece of legislation.’
    • ‘Of course and simultaneously we enjoin, also in the body, the construction of alternatives for a new society in relationship and community- ‘social capital,’ as it's sometimes misnamed.’
    • ‘The same year, in the egregiously misnamed Civil Rights Cases, the court struck down the last great achievement of the Reconstruction Congress, the Civil Rights Act of 1875.’
    • ‘Contributing to this is the uneven quality of files available for downloading - many have been uploaded with more enthusiasm than care, and may be misnamed, wrongly attributed, or of poor sound quality.’
    • ‘It seems to be misnamed in paragraph 11 of our submissions.’
    • ‘There were only six trials on which participants misnamed the target word.’
    • ‘This was clearly a very misunderstood, very badly misnamed recipe.’
    • ‘In other instances, songs are intentionally misnamed.’
    • ‘The first point I would like to make is that this bill is misnamed.’
    • ‘Anorexia means a lack of appetite, but the condition is misnamed because sufferers control rather than lose their appetite.’
    • ‘However, they're dangerously misnamed, because they're actually debt cards.’
    • ‘Like its predecessors, this bill is misnamed as it will not result in the final settlement of claims.’
    • ‘I have dived both places before and don't know of a pair of more misnamed dive sites.’
    • ‘If you leave off the year or you misname the statute or you do not put some aspect of the statute in, you are put out of court.’



/misˈnām/ /mɪsˈneɪm/