Definition of misogynistic in English:


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  • Strongly prejudiced against women.

    ‘deeply ingrained misogynistic attitudes’
    • ‘He's depicted as a mad, pugilistic photographer with misogynistic tendencies.’
    • ‘He believes the poem is no more than a misogynistic tract.’
    • ‘In the 20th century, the Bluebeard story, with its savagely misogynistic overtones, fell into disfavor.’
    • ‘There is a definite misogynistic, anti-feminism playing throughout the sordid vignettes.’
    • ‘This movie is a misogynistic, racist, idiotic piece of trash.’
    • ‘The other ex-wife is also economically powerful, albeit in a less stereotypically misogynistic way.’
    • ‘It turned out he specialized in violent misogynistic rants.’
    • ‘The less said about this disheveled misogynistic piece of detritus the better.’
    • ‘They dealt out their own brand of eye-for-an-eye justice in a series of misogynistic, violent yarns.’



/məˌsäjəˈnistik/ /məˌsɑdʒəˈnɪstɪk/