Definition of misplay in English:


Pronunciation /misˈplā/ /mɪsˈpleɪ/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Play (a ball or card) wrongly, badly, or in contravention of the rules.

    ‘both balls were misplayed’
    • ‘One of those singles was due to the Queen's returner misplaying the ball near the goal line and having no choice but to concede the point.’
    • ‘He has shown a tendency to put his head down and slow down after misplaying balls, but that's more because he gets upset with himself.’
    • ‘The Irish industry seriously misplayed their cards and shot themselves in the foot.’
    • ‘He was a defensive liability early in the season, misplaying several fly balls and showing a general disregard for hustle.’
    • ‘With one out, John Derby's fly to right field was misplayed by Paul Odegaard '04, allowing Derby to reach second on the error.’
    • ‘The coach proceeded to do a pantomime of a player misplaying a grounder, exaggerating a gaffe from the previous night's game.’
    • ‘In Game 2, Cruz had misplayed a fly in the right field corner that resulted in a two-run double, breaking a 5-5 tie and giving the Martins their first lead in the series.’
    • ‘In the second inning Mets rightfielder Timo Perez misplayed Paul O'Neill's hit to the corner and overthrew his cutoff man, allowing O'Neill to reach third.’
    • ‘A rare touch of rain fell in Anderson's baseball life last Tuesday in Game 1 of the division series, when he misplayed Robinson Cano's double in the first inning of the AL division series.’
    • ‘In his first start at third, Soriano - a natural shortstop - misplayed one bouncer, letting it go off his glove, and let another fast grounder get by him.’
    • ‘That made the score 14-11, before she lost service due to an unforced error by St. James when she misplayed a pass from Caitlyn to her.’
    • ‘Another time, Weaver pleaded with scorer Bill Stetka to give his player a hit on a pop-up that was misplayed by Detroit's Alan Trammell.’
    • ‘Ortiz misplayed Bernie's leadoff grounder for an error and then Miguel Cairo, in for Enrique Wilson, moved Williams over.’
    • ‘He played himself out of center field when he misplayed a number of flies early in the season, but the Astros like his range in left field.’
    • ‘That became a big out when Cruz misplayed a flyball into a double on the next batter.’
    • ‘His struggles at the plate have been compounded by the fact that he's been just rotten in the field… misplaying just about anything on the ground to his left.’
    • ‘The bidder gets to score the amount of his bid and his meld, the player that misplayed loses all meld and takes a single set, and the third player scores only his meld.’
    • ‘In general, outfield defense can get annoying at times, because it's sometimes easy to misplay a ball hit to the outfield, even fly balls that should be easy outs.’
    • ‘I met up with my parents, watched my dad completely misplay a couple of poker hands, and had my mom cook the family a nice early dinner.’
    • ‘So remember, when you see a string of high or low cards come out at the blackjack table, don't misplay your hand by assuming that the next card is more likely to be a certain type than the one after it.’
    • ‘Any time a player accidentally misplays during the play portion of the hand, it is called a renege.’


  • An instance of playing a ball or card wrongly or badly.

    ‘they scored twice, helped by misplays from the left fielder’
    • ‘Their decisive six-run first inning in Game 5, too, hinged on Oakland misplays - misplays in the late-afternoon light that somehow didn't trouble New York.’
    • ‘If there is a runner on first and the batter hits a ball down the right-field line, the scorer has to watch the ball and the fielder for a possible misplay.’
    • ‘But you can easily reason that in this case, Perez noticed Tails' misplay, and as a result, Perez took advantage of the misplay and scored a run.’
    • ‘However, both runs against him resulted from defensive misplays.’
    • ‘His two misplays in the ninth inning led to a loss for the Yankees.’
    • ‘The purpose of a pressure defense is to force misplays, or bad passes by the opponents, taking advantage of the ten-second rule.’
    • ‘Despite Robinson's misplays, the Orioles won the game, 3-2, on Frank Robinson's three-run homer in the ninth inning off reliever Rollie Fingers.’
    • ‘If the ball goes to the middle of the high post area at the defensive end, attack it aggressively to force a pass back toward mid-court, a misplay, or a double-team situation.’
    • ‘Long wasn't enthusiastic about the move, and in his first start in left, his misplay cost the team two runs.’
    • ‘It was a misplay by the Spurs' best player, and teams don't come back from that kind of pratfall.’
    • ‘Some of the ‘strange’ goals were his own making, with misplays behind the net.’
    • ‘The Orioles came back with five runs in the seventh inning thanks to several misplays by the A's, including two hit batsmen, two bases-loaded walks and a throwing error by shortstop Bobby Crosby.’
    • ‘The sellout crowd groaned at Ramirez's misplays.’
    • ‘Anderson was soundly criticized by the local news media - probably less for the misplay than for the fact that there has been so little to criticize in his 11 years with the Angels.’
    • ‘The punishment for any misplay or failure to call ‘last card‘is to draw one card from the stock.’
    • ‘And much of the defense's ineptitude - missed double plays and misplays ruled as hits - isn't reflected in the error total.’
    • ‘Wes Parker follows with a groundball single to right, scoring Fairly with Parker taking second on Oliva's misplay.’
    • ‘With every misplay, the fans could be all over him.’
    • ‘In Pittsburgh, Eric Chouinard scored off Pittsburgh goalie Sebastien Caron's misplay in the second period, and Philadelphia ran its unbeaten streak to 10 games.’
    • ‘Johnson gave up hard-hit balls to the leadoff hitters of the first three innings, with rookie Melky Cabrera, who'd made two sun-influenced misplays the afternoon before, again struggling on a double hit way over his head to right center.’