Definition of misproportioned in English:



  • Badly or wrongly proportioned.

    ‘We as a sport have gone from showing dedicated healthy bodies to growth-hormone-induced, misproportioned bodies as the standard of bodybuilding.’
    • ‘Maybe you are still chowing down on dreadfully misproportioned piles of carbohydrates and fat, and working out halfheartedly, or misguidedly, or not at all.’
    • ‘If she had a scar, or was slightly misproportioned, then he was more interested.’
    • ‘The paintings of the Middle Ages were flat, misproportioned, lacking in depth and scale, lifeless, and unrealistic.’
    • ‘Their misproportioned and horny head seemed a serious incumbrance in their movements.’
    deformed, malformed, distorted, crooked, contorted, wry, twisted, warped, out of shape, bent, bandy, curved, recurved, asymmetrical, irregular, misproportioned, ill-proportioned, ill-shaped, disfigured, hunchbacked, abnormal, grotesque, monstrous



/ˌmisprəˈpôrSHənd/ /ˌmɪsprəˈpɔrʃənd/