Definition of misrule in English:


Pronunciation /misˈro͞ol/ /mɪsˈrul/

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  • 1The unfair or inefficient conduct of the affairs of a country or state.

    ‘forty years of misrule by local elites’
    • ‘What we're dealing with in Iraq is not two and a half weeks of conflict, but two and a half decades of misrule and mismanagement, and there is a major reconstruction project that has to go on there, a major rebuilding of Iraq.’
    • ‘It continued to expose the regime's trail of criminal misrule, laying bare the hypocrisy of a president and party that had pauperized the country while claiming to be empowering its people.’
    • ‘Centuries of Portuguese misrule followed by brutal occupation by Indonesia has meant that only 40% of the 800,000 can read or write.’
    • ‘Is it not true that power politics is the main cause of opportunism which enhances corruption and political misrule?’
    • ‘It is a new beginning, but few expect Africa to stride gracefully into the future if the people of Africa must carry the heavy baggage of decades of corruption, conflict and misrule along for the ride.’
    • ‘In his defence, the general has made no secret of these plans, which he insists provide the only ‘checks and balances’ that will prevent corruption and misrule.’
    • ‘It is clear that the referendum has damaged the credibility of a general who was widely welcomed in Pakistan when he took over in a coup in October 1999 after a decade of corruption and misrule.’
    • ‘On another occasion, she publicly denounced the Chief Minister of another State for the latter's criminal misrule.’
    • ‘Those Germans who styled themselves ‘patriots,’ the new-fangled term imported from France, despised these seats of despotic misrule and abuse.’
    • ‘At the same time the Ottoman Empire, increasingly plagued by corruption and misrule, was sliding ever closer to its eventual disintegration.’
    • ‘The move spawned rampant corruption and misrule and led to a bitter civil war that ended with the victory of the genocidal Khmer Rouge communists.’
    • ‘It is a battle for the right of self-government, true democracy, just republicanism, and righteous principles, against anarchy, misrule, barbarism, human slavery, despotism, and wrong.’
    • ‘Many saw the advent of civilian rule as an opportunity to restore hope to Nigeria's 120 million people and repair an economy shattered by years of misrule.’
    • ‘And Nigeria is, after all, a relatively young democracy, having shaken off decades of military misrule barely five years ago.’
    • ‘There must be some lessons we can take from the past eight years of mean-spirited misrule in Ontario, but right now we're just ecstatic to see the back of the Tory government.’
    • ‘Take Liberia for example, wracked by a 14-year civil war, sparked by political misrule and economic collapse.’
    • ‘The empire eventually weakened due to large-scale corruption and nepotism, overtaxation, and misrule.’
    • ‘But certainly he's been playing this card as a way of deflecting criticism from his own rule or misrule as the case may be.’
    • ‘From 1945 onwards, few cared to question whether this Churchillian refusal to negotiate with Stalin, or any other dictator, actually makes things worse - that would have sounded as though excuses were being made for misrule.’
    • ‘One of the tragic consequences of prolonged misrule and the melt-down of the economy is that millions of Zimbabweans have taken refuge beyond the borders of the country of their birth.’
    bad government, misgovernment, mismanagement, misdirection, mishandling, maladministration, negligence, incompetence, malpractice
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    1. 1.1The disruption of peace; disorder.
      ‘there was a tradition of misrule before, during, and after games’
      • ‘There's a strong thematic connection: Twelfth Night marked the end of the Christian festival, and exploited the mediaeval tradition of misrule.’
      • ‘Liminal phases of rites of passage, carnivals, and fêtes are often pervaded by images of chaos and misrule.’
      lawlessness, anarchy, disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem, turmoil, tumult
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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Govern (a country or state) badly.

    ‘he misruled his country for fourteen years’
    • ‘The Scottish Executive is cracking up under the strain of misruling the country.’
    • ‘Reasonable people could say he misled the country, or misruled the country, and make the argument to support the assertion, but ‘betrayed’ is a word that has a special quality when talking about the President of the United States.’
    • ‘There were even some who took perverse pleasure in our predicament by telling us that we Kashmiri Pandits deserved what happened to us for having misruled the country all these years.’
    • ‘As for the Greens, as long as the two-party duopoly misrules America, third-party efforts will percolate and independent voters will proliferate.’
    • ‘Thus, Tibet has been completely misruled by the PRC for the last 50 years.’
    • ‘Africa has been totally mismanaged and misruled in the past decade.’
    • ‘They are repressed and misruled, terribly misruled, but they manage to go on with the business of living despite everything.’
    • ‘But secret video of Milosevic being marched in handcuffs, head bowed, to his solitary cell spoke more eloquently: he no longer has the power to instill fear and exert total control over the nation he misruled for more than a decade.’
    • ‘A generation has grown up that knows nothing of the Shah and sees as its enemy not faraway America, but the mullahs at home who have misruled and repressed them all their lives.’
    • ‘He made clear that the prince is the state's head, and that it ineluctably followed that the tyrant, or prince who misruled, must be killed so that the head is severed from the body.’
    • ‘The troglodytes who misrule Scotland have developed artistic pretensions; it is not a pretty sight.’
    • ‘How can we misrule with impunity if there is no serious opposition?’