Definition of miss out in English:

miss out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Not be able to experience or fail to take advantage of an opportunity or chance.

    ‘if you haven't tried this recipe, you're really missing out’
    • ‘book your bargain airfare to New York now—you do not want to miss out!’
    • ‘he failed to recover from a leg injury and missed out on a trip to Barcelona’
  • 2miss someone or something out, miss out someone or somethingBritish Fail to include someone or something; omit.

    ‘she claimed that the newspaper missed out one important detail of her interview’
    • ‘Tess lined up all the girls and name-checked them for the TV cameras but inadvertently missed her out’
    • ‘The waiters were clumsy to the extent of walking in to people and dropping things, and forgetful, missing people out when pouring wine.’
    • ‘If I have missed your blog out, having promised you a link, please drop me a line and I'll sort it out.’
    • ‘When we were at the event and they got to the top ten I thought we had been missed out, so it was a surprise for us to come fourth.’
    • ‘People say they have been missed out for more than a month - and items left for collection end up being blown around the roads.’
    • ‘Eight trains a day will go from the timetable, some services will stop short of their original destination, and some stations will be missed out from routes.’
    • ‘An estimate of how many crimes have been missed out (methodology approved by the Home Office) is available here.’
    • ‘The sentences do not sound any worse if the word is missed out.’
    • ‘Whilst this is an intelligent and well-argued proposal, I couldn't help thinking that something had been missed out.’
    • ‘All of a sudden you're missing letters out all over the place!’
    • ‘It should come at 8.10 am but sometimes it goes a different way and misses me out completely.’
    • ‘I am sure I have forgotten someone, please let me know if I missed you out.’
    • ‘You probably started on 1st January, tried really hard for a week, got a bit bored, missed a day out, then gave up before February started.’
    • ‘In fact it took nine months of doing nothing before I could really ride again, and in total I missed a whole year out.’
    • ‘Suddenly I realised he'd missed someone out, a girl who looked only a little older than me and whose desk was at the back of the room tucked into the corner.’
    • ‘If I made a mistake, or missed someone out, please let me know.’
    • ‘By the middle of last week I was beginning to wonder if they'd missed me out, but oh no.’
    • ‘I have problems with my cognitive reasoning which means when I am tired and stressed I start to miss words out from everyday conversation but it does not mean I am stupid.’
    • ‘I knew I had missed something out in this opinion, now I realise that I didn't mention sex education.’
    • ‘A careful introduction to the questions is needed, and respondents should be given the choice to miss them out altogether if they feel uncomfortable.’
    • ‘It doesn't fit together, it does miss tracks out and it is muddled up.’