Definition of miss the boat (or bus) in English:

miss the boat (or bus)


  • Be too slow to take advantage of an opportunity.

    • ‘the company missed the boat with its first attempt at a computer line five years ago’
    • ‘Because it is now so easy to work together virtually, not doing so is not only missing an opportunity, it is missing the boat.’
    • ‘If a dealer isn't using that advantage in the marketplace, then he's missing the boat.’
    • ‘Rather, they are deeply concerned they may have missed the boat, in relation to the opportunities opened up by the new global economic order.’
    • ‘Life is passing you by and you are in danger of missing the bus, as they say.’
    • ‘‘Unless we understand the financial arrangement, and not look at the student loan program in isolation from the funding arrangement, then we're really missing the boat,’ she said.’
    • ‘Like many other aspects of the industry, they are missing the boat on technological advances that you all need to be a part of.’
    • ‘I really do think the politicians are missing the boat here.’
    • ‘The telecom industry is still missing the boat and does not realize we can talk with anybody everywhere almost for free.’
    • ‘With Premiership crowds at record levels, Leeds are missing the boat.’
    • ‘Summer is a time for rest and relaxation, and you could be completely missing the boat.’