Definition of mission-critical in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmiSHən ˌkridəkəl/ /ˈmɪʃən ˌkrɪdəkəl/


  • (of hardware or software) vital to the functioning of an organization.

    ‘This is an important consideration if you are thinking about buying mission-critical software from outside your country.’
    • ‘Long after the marketing campaign is done, we will still be fanatical about providing the most secure mission-critical software in the business.’
    • ‘Less than half of the companies surveyed have formal procedures in place for backing up mission-critical data hosted on laptop computers.’
    • ‘Companies across industries rely on large, complex relational databases to support mission-critical applications.’
    • ‘Also if your Internet presence requires mission-critical uptime, then this policy is not for you.’
    • ‘Data stored on midline systems is not accessed as frequently as data stored online for mission-critical applications.’
    • ‘But a mere dozen are using Linux for mission-critical applications.’
    • ‘Software that was once nice to have, such as email, is now mission-critical.’
    • ‘This model is especially favorable for the development of secure software and for the long-term maintenance of mission-critical applications.’
    • ‘Accidentally deleting essential data could bring mission-critical systems to a halt.’
    • ‘E-mail and certain Web applications are mission-critical services, and the IT department actively monitors them.’
    • ‘He also runs weekly scans of mission-critical servers.’
    • ‘Patching of mission-critical servers should be done manually during off-peak hours in case recovery is necessary.’
    • ‘Such redundancy becomes paramount in mission-critical systems to ensure that disk servers take over for each other in the event of a hardware failure or a planned outage.’
    • ‘Storage today is a mission-critical component of any organisation's information technology infrastructure.’
    • ‘Safeguards and backups are the bread and butter of any mission-critical system.’
    • ‘Enterprise wide area networks are a mission-critical resource and must be tuned for optimum performance.’
    • ‘‘The auto industry is highly regulated, and these are not mission-critical systems,’ he says.’
    • ‘Those programs are, for a political campaign, mission-critical.’
    • ‘The business should also assess whether the application is mission-critical, and if so, how the outsourcer supports this.’